Wireless Broadband & Networking

Do you need a Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) set-up or want to connect other computers, laptops or games consoles from the various parts of your home ? If you don't understand about setting up a wireless (WiFi) network don't worry because we are experts at installing wireless networks and fixing them too. An engineer will visit your home or office and install your wireless (Wifi) router, configure the settings, username, password, encryption and security. Then we test it and ensure it works properly and demonstrate it to you. We truly are experts in this field and know all the special tips and tricks to avoid the pitfuls of setting up WiFi networks

If you suffer from Wi-Fi dropouts or network buffering the Wi-Fi needs to be reconfigured or CAT5/CAT 6 ethernet cabling installed in certain areas to give greater network performance and reliability.

If your broadband or WiFi connection drops intermitently, or there are certain areas in your home you can't access your wireless network, let us come and fix it for you. We have a huge amount of experience with Wireless networking and Broadband and know all the secret tricks to get it working properly. Once finished we test and demonstrate the speed of the network so you can be confident it will work reliably in the future.

Telephone 01276 409380 and ask for Giles